Exciting News: We just signed a project partnership with CityLAB in August! The CityLAB Berlin is an experimental laboratory of the Senate of Berlin for the city of futures. It has just been opened this year June, located in one of the buildings of the former Tempelhof Airport. CityLAB combines elements of a digital workshop, a co-working space and event space into a single location where participation and innovation are jointly pursued. Our partnership will be based on mapping Berlins urban tech ecosystem to work together towards smarter Berlin. In July, the amazing CityLAB team also hosted our three-week Summer University course ‘Smart City Berlin’ taught by Jonas. Furthermore we will support with guided tours through the exhibition which provides e.g. the government’s chatbot, a dust VR and many more interesting future projects. We are looking forward to this new adventure and working together on a future-proof Berlin!

The CityLAB

The CityLAB - based in the heart of Tempelhof