Why do Smart City Brands fail (and thrive)? This was the question Jonas asked a room full of investment promotion agencies from around the world at this year’s City Nation Place Global Conference in London. His call to the participants: try to find the “hidden heroes” and stories of your community, the true bottom-up innovators. This is where change is happening and they will be grateful for a bit more visibility to support their mission. We like to call these grass-roots innovators #CityRebels. They for sure also exist in your city! There is even a small content piece based on Jonas keynote available here. Furthermore, during his trip, Jonas also had the opportunity to meet up with our UK advisor Andrew Stevens and hear more from London’s smart city leadership team discussing their plans and providing a sneak peek into things to come. He heard about the vision for London’s datastore, innovative approaches like mapping SME procurement journeys, insights from half a dozen completed civic innovation challenges and about London’s new coalition of progressive boroughs ready to execute the Smarter London Together Roadmap.