We strongly believe that there is no way of deep understanding smart cities without getting the full picture of start-up innovation in the urban space.

Just as the first month of the year comes to an end we published a landscape, mapping more than a 100 urban tech start-ups from Berlin. Not only that we were the first to ever map this urban tech ecosystem in our capital, we also identified five main categories, which in our eyes can have real impact on our cities. You can read all about the categories in our Medium Blogpost. We will also present and go into further detail about the Landscape on the 4th of March 2020 at CityLab Berlin at our Urban Tech Startup & City Lunch.

What made us search for urban tech start-ups?

Berlin is the city of start-ups. We all know that. The Berlin Start-Up Map counts around 3,700+ companies in their database operating in the most diverse markets in the city already. Since we have been working in the field of urban tech a while now, a field we believe has not been as much explored in detail as others (such as Prop-Tech, Industry 4.0…), we started our research for companies in Berlin, that do not only operate in the city but were also founded here. Together we partnered with Dealroom and the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises which are the owners of the Start-Up Map. The research project itself is part of the cooperation with CityLAB Berlin with which we identify start-ups and assess them.

Urban Tech Landscape